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Dehydrated Vegetable – Why ? Because they are Easy to Use.

Presently, there is a vast market of spices,  especially, in the form of dehydrated vegetable Products in India. Henceforth, we manufacture these products in the form of dried leaves, flakes and powders. Additionally, we deal in Spray dried fruit powders prepared from fruit pulp. Additionally other delicacies ready to use instant powder mixes. Like Soups, Milkshakes, Ice Cream and, Icing ingredients. Eventually, our product popularity in the market is as they are easy to use. And are complete time-savers for instance.

Solar Dehydrated Vegetable Why ? As a result, Taste & Aroma are intact.

India is famous for its traditional spices. So we have to come up with this range of modern dry vegetable products. People love Indian traditional spices for their strong taste and aroma. As our name suggest, With the help of the solar dehydration process in Thirsty Fresh. We provide the best quality dehydrated vegetable products in India. Furthermore, we always supply fresh products to the consumer.

Delivery Nationwide.

Besides, we offer dehydrated vegetables, spray-dried fruit, and instant mix products. Altogether, we use inbox and bulk zipper Pouch packaging. Without doubt That helps our products to retain their freshness and aroma as a result. Altogether, We make sure that our products comply with the latest industry standards in addition. Also, our business is Certified under the license of FSSAI. And We are providing our services since 2017. Almost in all states and union territories of India. 

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