Basically, Fruits are rich in dietary fibers, vitamins, phytonutrients, and antioxidants, with no cholesterol. Chiefly, they provide us with energy and improve our immunity. Consequently, with more and more people realize the health benefits of fruits, various fruit products have become popular. To prolong the shelf life of fruits, people use spray dried fruit powders.

We use Spray drying to create spray dried fruit powders from fruit juice. In this process we concentrate and pasteurizd the fruit juice. And mix with a carrier to ensure stable drying, and then fed into the spray dryer. Then pump the mixture through a tiny nozzle and into a heated chamber with a vortex of hot air. This process cause rapid evaporation of the water from the mixture. Finally, this process give the fruit powder at the outlet.

 Thirsty Fresh is proud to produce a wide range of Fruit Powders. Which we can use in hundreds of applications including plant based foods, confectionery, sauces, protein mixes, fillings, and many more. Consumer interest in plant based products is at an all time high with many people choosing a plant based diet. The main reasons being it can be better for your health, it can assist in losing weight, it is a good diet variation, it’s good for the environment and it can save you money. A plant based diet is usually made up of foods that come from plants, which include fruit powders.

These are fine, normally highly soluble powders with long shelf life, making them ideal for use in food manufacturing.

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