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Paav Bhaji Masala Blended Spice Mix for Delicious Flavorful Cooking


Jeeravan Masala Powder Instant Mix Ready to Use for Kitchen

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Sambhar Masala Blended Spice Mix for Delicious Flavorful Cooking


Indian cuisine relies heavily upon a wide variety of spices, and it’s very common for there to be different spice blends based on the main ingredient used.

Thirsty Fresh Sambhar Masala help you make Sambhar quick and easily and a must in every Indian kitchen. If you love South Indian food like Idlis and Dosas and prepare them frequently, then it as important to make sambhar, which is the most sought after accompaniment for all these dishes and for that you need our sambhar masala at home.

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Thirsty Fresh Sambhar Masala powder is a wonderful mix that can be used sparingly in Sambhar.

Have you always been looking for authentic and best sambhar masala powder? Your search ends here. Try Thirsty Fresh Sambhar masala powder made with an assortment of spices which which give a mind blowing flavor. And will add the punch required to make the dish a sure hit!

How to Use :

Pressure Cook 1 cup of Arhar dal with chopped drum sticks, brinjal, pumpkin and onion in water. Fry 2 finely chopped red onions in 50g cooking oil with mustard seed and cumin till golden brown, add salt and spices as per taste. Add it to cooked dal and vegetables. Now add 1 table spoon Tamarind Powder and 2 table spoon Thirsty Fresh Sambhar Masala Ready Mix and let it boil for 2 min. Serve wih Dosa, Idli, Vada or Uttpam.

Ingredients :

Asafoetida, Black cardamom, Black mustard, Black pepper, Chana dal, Cinnamon, Citric acid, Clove, Coriander seed, Cumin seed, Curry leaves, Fenugreek seed, Iodized salt, Kashmiri mirch, Tamarind powder, Turmeric powder, Udad dal.

Storage :

This product also need to be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place. And If exposed to moisture and sunlight the product may lose its potency and pungency. If stored in proper conditions, the product has shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Please take less than the prescribed amount of Thirsty Fresh product when you are using  it for the first time.

Moreover, Thirsty Fresh products have great benefits such that you just need to prepare plain cuisine. And at the time of serving add or sprinkle required amount  to the dish as per like, dislike or taste of members of the family.

So, forget about the time consuming and tearful process of slicing and chopping. And use Thirsty Fresh products to obtain the distinctive aroma and taste of the spice.

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