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Kasuri Methi Leaves – Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen


Dried Coriander Leaves – Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen

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Dried Spinach Leaves – Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen


Spinach is an incredible source of vitamins, minerals, protein, antioxidants, and many other essential nutrients. To top it all off, dehydrated spinach leaves are delicious and taste great in just about any recipe.

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Dried Spinach Leaves in its dehydrated form has a mild and bright flavor. That stands alone. But also complements a variety of other foods. If you are cooking for picky eaters, the flavor is easy to disguise. For example, putting a handful of dehydrated spinach in a fruit smoothie. Provides extra nutrition without disrupting the fruity sweetness. If you are a spinach lover on the go cannot finish your fresh greens fast enough, dried spinach leaves is an excellent solution. Unlike some other dehydrated vegetables, dehydrated spinach does not require much rehydration time, in fact, some eaters think it does not need any for certain recipes. Furthermore, a little bit of spinach goes a long way, making it ideal for backpacking, cycling, or camping trips, where weight and shelf life are most important.

How to Use :

Thirsty Fresh Spinach Leaves

  • can be used to cook along with potatoes, mix with dal, add to soups, spreads, sandwiches, salads, casserole and pasta, sauces, breads, dips, breadsticks, crackers, pizza and muffins, rice dishes, mashed potatoes and stuffed potatoes.
  • tastes great with eggs – bakes, scrambles, omelets, or any way you prefer.
  • can replace a portion of your flour used in breads and other baked goods. We suggest replacing up to ½ cup of flour with spinach leaves in your favorite recipes. It will taste great and add nutrition to your recipes.
  • you can use to sneak some greens into the diet, If you have picky eaters at home.
  • can make your favorite by mixing this in mashed potatoes to make green mashed potatoes.

1 Table spoon (5 gm) Thirsty Fresh Spinach leaves=90 gm fresh Spinach.

Storage :

Like other spices and seasonings, this product also need to be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place. And If exposed to moisture and sunlight the product may lose its potency and pungency. If stored in proper conditions, the product has shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

When using Thirsty Fresh product for the first time, please take amount less than prescribed in product details.

Moreover, Thirsty Fresh products have great benefits such that you just need to prepare plain cuisine and at the time of serving add or sprinkle required amount  to the dish as per like, dislike or taste of members of the family.

So, forget about the time consuming and tearful process of slicing and chopping, and use Thirsty Fresh products to obtain the distinctive aroma and taste of the spice.

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