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White Onion Flakes – Dehydrated Ready to Use for Kitchen


Dehydrated white onion flakes, made from dehydration of minced white onions is used for seasoning in cooking. Many cooks of the world prefer onion flakes to fresh onions because it is easier to handle, saves time and require no chopping or special treatment. Dehydrated onion flakes contain very strong smell and last for a longer duration, if properly packaged and stored.

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White Onion Flakes. Substituting dehydrated onions is the perfect shortcut in the kitchen. If you don’t have time for peeling. And chopping onions. Here are some ways you can use dehydrated onion flakes, in everyday cooking :

  • Add dehydrated flakes directly to simmering soups and stews. They will reconstitute with the liquid and add onion flavor.
  • Dehydrated onion flakes can be reconstituted. And used like chopped onions in raw and cooked foods. To re-hydrate, soak one part dehydrated onion flakes in two parts warm water until soft. About for 20 minutes, then proceed with your recipe.

White onion flakes is Sweet in taste compared to Red onions.

Uses :

Thirsty Fresh White Onion Flakes are useful to fry vegetable, gravies, seasoning poha, pulav. Or rice dish, used in dips, soups, stews, casseroles, salads, meatloaf and egg dishes, hamburgers. Or any veg or non-veg dishes. Use White onion flakes as a substitute for

  • fresh onions in liquid-based recipes such as casseroles, chili, sauces, soup, and stews. The dried onions absorb moisture and reconstitutes as the dish cooks.
  • fresh chopped onions in recipes where the dried onion may not have enough liquid to soften like burgers, meatloaf, and meatballs. Also in recipes that call for chopped raw onions, such as chicken sautés, salads, and dips.

1 Table spoon (5 gm) Thirsty Fresh White Onion flakes = 4 Table spoon (60 gm) chopped White Onion.

Storage :

Like other spices and seasonings, this powder also need to be stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry and dark place. And If exposed to moisture and sunlight the product may lose its potency and pungency. If stored in proper conditions, the product has shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

When using Thirsty Fresh product for the first time, please take amount less than prescribed in product details.

Also, Thirsty Fresh powders have great benefits such that you just need to prepare plain cuisine and at the time of serving add or sprinkle required amount of powder to the dish as per like, dislike or taste of members of the family.

So, forget about the time consuming and tearful process of slicing and chopping, and use Thirsty Fresh products to obtain the distinctive aroma and taste of the spice.

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